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Advice From the 40s: 2015

March 4th, 2015 • by Karen A. Chase • 2 Comments


It’s my birthday once again. Wee! Last year my birthday post “Advice from the 40s” garnered some laughs and some sympathy (which I equally enjoyed). So I’m here to add to that list of little things I’ve learned now that the double-digit 44 hath arrived.

No one uses the word “hath” anymore. Or “ergo” or “thingamajig.”

My adorable hygienist was right. It won’t hurt so much or take so long if I use 10 inches of floss 3 times a week.

The wrinkles on my forehead are staying there longer after my expression changes. They weren’t doing that in June but most people look older in winter, right?

Deciding to have the comic strip “Mutts” delivered daily to my email was a good decision.

I’m baffled by refrigerators over-stuffed with food. I always wonder if the owners even know what’s in the back half.

I keep eggs on the counter, not in the fridge. They peel easier when boiled. Side thought: I’m still uncertain if eggs are the perfect protein or if they cause high cholesterol.

We all use the word “perfect” far too much. If I hand you the correct change at checkout, it’s not “perfect,” it’s just 23 cents. If I order the ravioli you have on special, the best response is not “perfect,” it is, “I’ll bring that out along with a free tiramisu.” Very little in life is perfect, and it’s often to much to live up to or with. (Except for the tiramisu.)

The word “should” should also be eliminated from my vocabulary. It’s bringing me down.

I always thought the ELO song, “Don’t Bring Me Down,” had my brother’s name in it. Don’t bring me down, Bruce. The word is “groos.” Or “groose.” Those don’t make sense either.

I was wrong last year in my list when I said it would sound like bologna by the time I turned 44. Not true. It’s still wise to keep my mouth shut in those three instances.

Next year is numero 45. Should I begin planning another birthday trip now? Yes.