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Two Words

August 15th, 2014 • by Karen A. Chase • No Comments


There were a couple things that I was inspired to seek out in this life because of two legends.

Laughter: The ability to see the absurdity of life and laugh anyway.
Love: A connection with one other that was mesmerizingly ours.

Gratefully I found both.
Thank you and goodnight, Lauren and Robin.


Photo: Ron Galella, Getty Images


Looking for Light

July 12th, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • 4 Comments

In an effort to get out of my writing chair, I recently began taking an impressionist painting course with local artist, Mark Hierholzer. Each week I have joined two friends, and I have stood before a canvas, trying to paint light. Not color. Not scenes. Not objects. Light.

The approach for this type of impressionist painting goes something like this: (see the images below)

Step one: look for light in terms of shapes. When you squint, where are the tones or shadows melding together? Paint those–just four to six shapes total.

Step two: now where is the next layer of light? Or the next division of light and shadow? The sides of the shrubs? In the grass or trees? Paint that.

Step three: (which also might happen four or five more times), add detail lighting. The blue path, the foreground trees. Always searching for what the light is doing. Where it is. Where it isn’t.

While my painting skills have a long way to go, I put the emphasis on the word light, because after each three hour class, what I end up feeling is light. All my hours of sitting and writing and worry slide away. We listen to classical music. Drink wine or coffee. Laugh. And we focus on the light. In life, I think I will choose to make this my focus, too. And so, painting leaves a great impression.

(Sorry, could not resist the pun. Nor could I resist the subject of my first landscape painting. These are the necessaries–outhouses–at the Wythe House in Williamsburg.)


The original photo I took.

Step One. Blocks of Light.

Step One. Blocks of Light.

Step Two: Using light to define shapes.

Step Two: Using light to define shapes.

Step Four (through however many it takes): Add more lighting details in layer upon layer until done.

Step Four (through however many it takes): Add more lighting details in layer upon layer until done.





Bonjour 40 Korbella Giveaway

February 1st, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • 4 Comments

Imagine it. You could wear an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower! Korbella is my First Friday artist–a darling company that has lovingly crafted pieces of old Eiffel Tower stairway into gorgeous silver and vermeil charms.

Beginning today and running through February 8th, next Friday, Korbella is helping me give away a necklace to one lucky reader. Korbella’s Charmes de Paris necklace has a retail value of $525. This sterling silver necklace is hand-finished, with a heart-shaped Swarovski CZ drop, a charm in the shape of Paris’ famous landmark, and an actual piece from the original Eiffel Tower! And you can wear it while reading a free, signed copy of Bonjour 40.


How Korbella Created The Pieces
The line of stunning jewelry came into being after its founder, Paul Michael Bedell, and his wife, Janel, and their nine-year-old daughter, Samantha, traveled to Paris in 2011 and were inspired. Soon after, Paul acquired a section of the original spiral staircase that had been removed back in the 1980s, when it was cut into twenty-four elements, auctioned off, and scattered across the globe. Then, they went on to design the collection. (See below for pictures of Paul on the stairs, and the Eiffel Tower pieces.)

As the company says, Korbella’s Eiffel Tower Forever collection “draws inspiration from the strong architectural cues of the Tower… a nod to the Tower’s Art Nouveau roots—and its world-renowned latticework.” And part of the design is a rustic artifact from the spiral staircase.

I’m thrilled to bring you a chance to wear your own little piece of Paris, with love to all my readers. Enter to win here and have a sweet and charming Valentine’s Day!

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