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Bonjour 40 Korbella Giveaway

February 1st, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • 4 Comments

Imagine it. You could wear an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower! Korbella is my First Friday artist–a darling company that has lovingly crafted pieces of old Eiffel Tower stairway into gorgeous silver and vermeil charms.

Beginning today and running through February 8th, next Friday, Korbella is helping me give away a necklace to one lucky reader. Korbella’s Charmes de Paris necklace has a retail value of $525. This sterling silver necklace is hand-finished, with a heart-shaped Swarovski CZ drop, a charm in the shape of Paris’ famous landmark, and an actual piece from the original Eiffel Tower! And you can wear it while reading a free, signed copy of Bonjour 40.


How Korbella Created The Pieces
The line of stunning jewelry came into being after its founder, Paul Michael Bedell, and his wife, Janel, and their nine-year-old daughter, Samantha, traveled to Paris in 2011 and were inspired. Soon after, Paul acquired a section of the original spiral staircase that had been removed back in the 1980s, when it was cut into twenty-four elements, auctioned off, and scattered across the globe. Then, they went on to design the collection. (See below for pictures of Paul on the stairs, and the Eiffel Tower pieces.)

As the company says, Korbella’s Eiffel Tower Forever collection “draws inspiration from the strong architectural cues of the Tower… a nod to the Tower’s Art Nouveau roots—and its world-renowned latticework.” And part of the design is a rustic artifact from the spiral staircase.

I’m thrilled to bring you a chance to wear your own little piece of Paris, with love to all my readers. Enter to win here and have a sweet and charming Valentine’s Day!

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First Friday: Caaalvin

January 4th, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • 4 Comments


It’s a First Friday. The first Friday of the month when I’m supposed to feature an artist. But as I’m writing this it’s 8:45 on Thursday night, and I’m already behind with no clue about what to do for my first post of the year. Did I procrastinate? Uhm… Maybe I put it off a little. “But I was having such a nice holiday,” she whined.

The first half was a whirlwind Manhattan day, then mostly Italian dinners and sitting in traffic, but the last half was sitting with friends, in movie theaters, over coffee, and having a lovely time taking a break.

So alas, I’m sitting here at the beginning of 2013 resolving to accomplish great things while I am falling behind (and yet hopefully giving off the appearance of being completely organized). I’m only four days in. Geesh. Good grief. Deep breath. Sigh…

Actually that’s my best resolution idea yet. Let’s all take a deep breath. No lofty unattainable goals. No distressing resolutions. Maybe just a deep breath and the willingness to give everyone, including myself, a break. A chance to begin anew (that includes you, too, Congress). A little change will do us all a little good, and that starts by taking a deep breath. Yes, Calvin, even you.

So here’s to you Bill Watterson, the creator of my favorite comic strip. My year begins with a big thank you to you as Calvin and Hobbes remind me to stretch, give a good tummy rub and breathe.




First Friday: Sandy Fakes

November 2nd, 2012 • by Karen A. Chase • 1 Comment

At the beginning of this week, the world watched and waited for glimpses of what was happening as horrible Hurricane Sandy swept into New York. We had plenty of warning, and consequently, many designers with Photoshop had plenty of time on their hands. In light of what happened, they are silly now, but I wonder if perhaps some of these images didn’t help those of us who could do nothing but wait.

Did the fake photos allow you to feel compassion for what was happening by providing visuals that made you then search out real ones? Did some of them give you a silly moment in the face of worrying and concern. For me, yes, to both.

I give you a gallery of the Photoshop fakes. The best of which I believe is Chris Henson’s. A designer and copywriter in Virginia, he reworked an image he had posted earlier in the day–a trampoline stuck on wires. I think it’s the best because it was obviously far from reality, but it gave his friends a break we needed. Then we all went back to waiting.

After having now seen all the real images, they are in fact more dramatic than the fakes. We’re stunned. I hope you’ll be spurred into action. Our fellow humans need us. And so do many pets. 

If you took the time to read this post or look at the pictures, I hope you’ll spend five minutes more to send help.  NBC has posted this ‘How To Help After Sandy’ list.