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The Other Stephen King Interview

February 20th, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • No Comments

While I often have guest writers on my blog, this week I was lucky enough to land my own guest spot with the “Other Stephen King.” Stephen is a local Richmond writer, and James River Writer member who chats with other authors about their work, their writing, and even their favorite dessert:

Come visit with me on the Other Stephen King on Writing.

My First Radio Interview

February 13th, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • No Comments

I just did my first radio interview about Bonjour 40 and writing!

Tim Bowring of 102.9 WHAN Radio invited me into the studio to chat about Bonjour 40, about writing, blogs and more.

For you writers out there, we also chat about my experience in self-publishing, editing a book, turning a blog into a book, and using secret Pinterest boards as a research tool. Thanks so much, Tim, for having me on your show! Nerve wracking? A bit. Fun? Absolutely!

Hope you enjoy it. Click and take a listen.