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Show Don’t Tell, Quebec

September 21st, 2016 • by Karen A. Chase • No Comments

There are dozens of blogs for writers on the importance of show, don’t tell. It’s the difference between stating your character “is happy,” and saying, “with each step her feet felt like dancing.”

Well, show-don’t-tell is also a handy thing for a writer to keep in mind while on vacation in a foreign place, so that the time away is either spent taking pictures or experiencing the journey without constantly popping online to write about it.

To that end, here are a handful of pictures from a recent excursion to Quebec, to bike (casually and with friends) the P’tit Train du Nord trail. It’s an affordable, relatively easy rail-to-trail, so even if you’re a novice you can do it. Over 3, 4 or 5 days the trip includes gorgeous B&Bs that serve both dinner and breakfast. Just remember the words of one of our favorite B&B owners, Guy, along the trail. “Take your time, it’s a holiday, not a job.”

Click on the below images for an enlarged slideshow…


How Time Flies

January 15th, 2016 • by Karen A. Chase • No Comments

Hello again. Dipping back into my blog after a hiatus and after a new year begins, it’s clear to me how time can zoom by. You’re doing one thing (editing, in my case) and thinking, “After this, then I’ll get to that.”

This thinking is not mine alone, as witnessed on a holiday with my in-laws in New Jersey. Now in their mid-90s, my partner’s parents have been in the same house since 1959. Although some appliances or worn out chairs have been replaced, much of it has stayed true to the 60s. In part, because life was happening. Be it the morning newspaper or six kids, and thirteen grandchildren. They were so busy with this, that that (updating the house) just wasn’t the priority. And maybe it’s lovely it wasn’t.

While I’ll have more details on this excursion in my upcoming Will Travel For Words column over at ShelfPleasure, for now, enjoy these few snapshots of a circa 1960s house, and be thankful it hasn’t changed, so you can go back there, too.

Ciao 60: Fun

October 25th, 2013 • by Karen A. Chase • No Comments


From the posts of the last few days, you could say that our trip through Italy was serene and moving. It was. However, as this entry shows, it was also blissfully fun. The photos below feel like a series of out-takes or bloopers from a holiday, but they’re not. This is how Ted and I behave on vacation together. I would be remiss if I did not mention a huge part of the reason why. It’s the same reason we took this Ciao 60 trip in the first place. Ted.

Traveling with Ted is romantic, like driving a convertible top-down through Italian villages. However, the car also has no brakes, is constantly in top gear, and only slows down for photographs, love, food and wine. It’s crazy fun. Silly. Playful. He’s like that at home and not just on vacation. Thank goodness. Ted displays what he often encourages in others: curiosity and openness. It allows him to try new things, constantly learn, and share a laugh with complete strangers (even Italians who don’t speak English). The result? We all want to come along for the ride.

For a man now in his 60s, it’s impossible to guess his age. When most men are becoming grumps (research shows it’s because their testosterone levels are falling) or languishing in retirement, Ted faces each day as if life is merely beginning. That, on holiday or otherwise, is easy to love. We should all be striving saying Ciao 60! the way he does. Laughing. Loving. Joyful.

 Fun is in what he sees, does, and encourages. Click to enlarge and scroll through the photos.